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Bottle 799 - Dr Dean Teacher Reseacher and Graduate of Yell
Date Added: 18 December 2010

This whimsey features Dr. Dean a professor in Biochemistry at the University of Louisville. He was one of my wife PH.d advisors. He is in his lab, standing on a title floor, with a yellow Ca ATPase book in his left hand and a frog in his right, both areas of interest of his. Next to him is a large granduated cylinder. On the lab bench behind him is a large beaker on a heating stir plate that appears to be boiling over. There is also a blue power supply which is hooked up to a gel appartus. The gel is blue dye is "smiling", a sure sign it is running at to high of a voltage. There is also a large beaker that has fallen over on the bench. The power supply and stir plate are plugged into a power strip on the back of the bottle. On the side of the bench is a poster with two sayings from two former U of L basketball players. 1. The University of U of L. 2. I am glad I didn't go to one of those academic schools. The lab floor is supported by wooden supports with the makers information written on it: Steve Moseley, St. Louis 2010. The stopper is made of Walnut with a locking mechanism. On the front of the stopper is inlaided: Dr, Dean Teacher, Reseacher and Graduate of Yell. On the other side is inlaided: Those who can, do. Those yada, yada, yada teach.
Type: Doctor in his biochemistry lab   Maker's Name: Moseley, Steve
Category: Figures   Made Where: St. Louis, MO
Bottle Size: 1.75 Liter   Year Made: 2010
Bottle Type: Knob Creek