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New Bottles within the past 30 days

Name Type Category Maker

2018-12-08 1386 Dar Pomorza and Wilhelm Pieck in a Bottle Frigate and Brigantine in a Bottle Sailing Ships Ehlert, Rudi
2018-12-07 1391 Safety Pin Puzzle in a Bottle Safety Pin Puzzle in a Bottle Whimsey Brown, Keith
2018-12-03 1390 Marionette Man in a Bottle Puppet in a Bottle Figures Brown, Keith


New Articles within the past 30 days


Section New/Modified Item Description

Photographs of Artists Photographs of Artists and their Works Ship in Bottle Artists with Their Work (Date Added: 2018-12-12)
Artists (I-R) Alpesh Kanshara, Artist Alpesh Kanshara, Artist (Date Added: 2018-12-10)
Artists (E-H) Rudi Ehlert, Artist Rudi Ehlert, Artist (Date Added: 2018-12-08)