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Bottle 599 - Inspiration
Date Added: 09 March 2008

This is a bottle of an artist and his model. The artist is and older man with balding gray hair and a goatee. He is wearing a brown turtle neck sweater and olive green pants. He also has on a black beret and shoes. He is holding a paint brush and paint palette. The model is a younger women with long brown hair. She is holding up a white sheet to cover part of herself and is holding a yellow flower in her right hand. Beneath the sheet she is wearing white underwear with pink polka dots and white bunny slippers. They are standing on a hard wood floor. Next to the artist is an easel with his picture. He is not painting the woman at all only the flower. The stopper is made of Walnut with painted flowers covering it and the title INSPIRATION inlaid in it. On top is a larger flower.
Type: Artist and Model Scene   Maker's Name: Moseley, Steve
Category: Figures   Made Where: St. Louis, MO.
Bottle Size: 11" x 5 1/4"   Year Made: 2008, February
Bottle Type: Knob Creek Bourbon