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Bottle 1207 - Sled in a Bottle
Date Added: 10 August 2015

From the Artist "I have a book about a typical Dutch item, the adventure of father and 2 sons called Bording. In reality it is not an adventure but a drama. When the fisherman around the former Ijsselmeer, the Zuiderzee, in the winter time, had no income because de Zuiderzee was frozen whit ice from 20 to 30 cm thick. They had a sled. In the sled they had a reap hook, fishing net, long wooden sticks and a huge axe. Whit the axe they made a hole in the ice from about 2 x 2 meters wide. They put some nets under the ice whit the long wooden sticks. When the where ready the started whit “kloppen” (pulsate the ice whit a heavy piece of wood). The let de wood fell on the ice, pick it up again and let it fell again. And so several times 10 till 15 minutes. The fish, and in particular the bot fish, the start and swim in to the nets. So the fisherman had caught some fish to sale for himself and his family. In the winter of 1849, Klaas Klaassen Bording, 45 years of age, fisherman, his 19 year old son Klaas and his 17 year old son Jacob, living in a small place called Durgerdam, about 20 kilometre from my living place, started whit pulsate to catch some bot fish. When they were almost ready the discovered that they were sitting on an ice flao. They sailed bij the wind and stream for two whole weeks from one side to on other but never came to shore. Then they were found by fisherman from Vollenhove, the other side of the Zuiderzee, there floe almost sunk. In the meantime there feet’s are frozen and they were very hungry. Once a shore the 19 year old son Klaas died after a few days. The father was getting better but after two weeks he died as well. The 17 year old son Jacob recovered totally. That panorama I have made in a glass ball. The bottom of the sled is made from triplex, the sides from the sled are made from pieces of wood about 5 mm wide, glued together. The mast is round 2 mm and the sail is not only used for sailing whit the sled but was also used as a windshield. In the sled they had besides the axe and fishing net, an oil burner to make some hot food when the where waiting on the ice as well as a basket to put the fish in. The bottom went into de bottle as one piece and the side each as one part. In the bottle I assembled all the parts together. The water is made from synthetic resin and the ice floe is made of two layers of foam, 2 mm thick." Bottle: 16 cm wide Neck: 30 mm wide Sled: 84 mm long, 45 mm high, 39 mm wide
Type: Sled in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Figures   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: 16 cm   Year Made: 2015
Bottle Type: Glass Ball