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Bottle 876 - Vletterman
Date Added: 16 November 2010

I was asked again to make a SIB in commission for some-one that was going whit retirement. The man has worked his working life in the harbour of Rotterdam. This is the same type of vletterman I have made one year earlier. It is the same type of ship whit a small difference. This one had a "Grown-up" steering house. I made the hull in two parts as usual. The deckhouse is made of 0,4 mm triplex whit plastic windows. On the outside of the deckhouse there are iron bars to make sure that the mooring-rope is not staying behind the deckhouse. The wish was to make de vlet whit next to it a great buoy. I decided to make al little hole in a high corner of the square bottle I had selected. From that hole a mooring-rope is going to the buoy and back to de hole in the bottle. So is seems as the see-going ship, wherefrom the mooring-rope is coming, is laying outside the bottle. (The attention is going to the vlet and not at the see-going ship). Therefore the buoy is laying not horizontal. The mooring-rope is pulling I to one side. So I placed the vlet a little whit the bow to a corner of the bottle and the buoy next to it. I put the square bottle on a plank of Oakwood and on that plank I put 4 ends of a mooring-mast. So the bottle is hold in his place by the mooring-masts. As usual I used a Turkish-not on the bottleneck and on the cork I placed my stamp in the sealing-wax. Size of the bottle (over all) 23 cm, Wideness:9 x 9 cm, Size of the bottleneck:18 mm, size of the "vlet" - length:73 mm, wideness: 32 mm. - Frans Dekker, artist
Type: Small Seaworthy Open Ship   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: 23 cm x 9 cm   Year Made: 2010
Bottle Type: Unidentified