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Adelio Buzzi retired in 2014. In retirement, he now has the time and gains great pleasure working with his hobby of working small wooden objects.

In September 2018 while surfing the Internet, Adelio came across some processes for building ships in bottles. After seeing many different sites showing movies and photos, he began to build his own tools and started his first bottle. In addition to ships in a bottle he has also built in a bottle several different work tools, violins, and wood transport wagons to name a few.

Like for all builders there are some setbacks but that does not discourage he from continuing to build his wonderful bottles.


Below you can see him hard at work building his “Violin in a Bottle” and a “Wheelbarrow in a Bottle.”


 IMG 20190301 WA0004 1IMG 20190301 WA0007

IMG 20190301 WA0002 1 IMG 20190301 WA0003

Bottles by Adelio Buzzi


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