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- by Frans Dekker

I have seen ships built in bottles, light bulbs, flasks, jars, and lanterns - but never in an egg.  Not just any egg, but a large Ostrich Egg!  This concept and the originality of this "bottle" is so intriquing that it is being placed in our Featured section.
The following account was received from Frans Dekker, from Beemster, Hollard: 
542 (1).jpg"Dear Greg. This time I have something else. I think you have noticed already that I like to do things I have not done before. That’s the challenge. I like to do different things. Every time a ship in a bottle goes boring !??????????? No that’s a joke. It never bores me. But on a time I saw an egg from an ostrich. It is round, just like a bottle. It is great enough to put a ship in. But…………..you can not see true the egg.

542 (6).jpgI went to a shipyard and buy four copper rings they are using to make “holes” (eyelet) in a sail or a cover. I drilled some holes in the egg. Well it takes some seconds to write this down but to drill a hole in an ostrich-egg that is something else, that takes a lot off time.  The egg-shell is very hard.  I drilled four holes in the egg and put some pieces of thin, hard plastic at the back-side of the copper rings for glass. I put the sea (clay) Man skulle kunna tro att casino cosmopol ar det enda casinot med svenska kronor da dem ar de enda som enligt monopolet far erbjuda spel men det ar langt ifran sant. in the egg and made some rocks.

542b.jpg542d.jpgI put a sun on the top and in the middle and I put in a led-light.  That is because inside the egg it is quit dark. The (very thin) cord I put under one of the arms of the sun. One of the arms of the sun reaches the rock so you can not see the cord. Under the rock I drilled a small hole to let the cord through.   I built a Barkentine model to put on the sea in the egg. Then, I glued the copper rings with the “glass” with mistic-acrylique in the holes.

I made a switch on the side of the oak-wood to turn on or of the LED-light.  I have made a “bottom” from oak-wood. It is too big but I am going to make another bottom this year. I built this “scene” in 1998. The egg is 16 cm long and 13 cm wide.

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