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I am considering this Fantasy Baloon Ship for my Fantasy Building Project. Right now, I am working on several other builds that I have "put off" ... USCG Eagle , Preussen, and a more modern "Old Salt."  So many bottles so little time !

- Cecil Tiller


Wow ! what a beautiful day we have had here in NE North Carolina ! Moved the shipyard work outside and got my "Fantasy build " hull roughed out , removed a LOT of wood !

1401817_10151727944373230_1999723543_o.jpg 1402827_10151731463693230_1970665832_o.jpg 1404557_10151731463763230_815615339_o.jpg

861208_10151731463658230_1973971396_o.jpg 1398157_10151731469713230_526025667_o.jpg 1072113_10151731463623230_1981493695_o.jpg

A little progress on the "Fantasy Build"

Stained the hull and added some strakes , still a lot of detail work to do.

484758_10151755500763230_1410808163_n.jpg 1397746_10151755500368230_302337641_o.jpg 1401878_10151755493023230_434220302_o.jpg

A little progress on the "Fantasy Build." Added some shape to the hull this AM.

980617_10151777355503230_1051429856_o.jpg 1412719_10151777355353230_1843001011_o.jpg.

Idea for filling the ballons - Plan A.......... balloons filled with insulating foam via straw.

A little progress on my "Fantasy Build." Starting to work on suspending the ship from the bottom of the bottle ie my "flat earth" build............ the earth / land will be placed just inside the neck of the one gallon jug, got some more detail to add to the ship. Still working out the installation of the balloons, got several ideas to try


After many failed attempts to make the "balloons" I ended up using some "knerf" balls purchased at the Dollar store. After spray painting them, I used the net packaging and  compressed them by rolling up REAL tight in paper , them inserted them in the bottle . Epoxied to the bottom of the bottle.

fantasy build baloons.jpg

The landscape on a paper disc , painted with small buildings made from craft foam, trees are feathers.

Fantasy build11 27 2013 002.jpg

Putting the "Balloons" in the bottle. The ship will hang from them  with the landscape "disc" installed last , a similar build to my "Flat Earth" project....... Got way to many irons in the fire !

954708_10152093700803230_1157241768407418486_n.jpg  10154436_10152093701683230_319370439623821942_n.jpg 10155343_10152093701693230_8019967087828343965_n.jpg 

fantasy build 4 20 20144 18 14 005.jpg

Completed "Fantasy Project"................ a challenge to say the least, but I learned a lot.

fantasy build 4 22 2014 completed b 013.jpg
fantasy build 4 22 2014 completed 010.jpg fantasy build 4 22 2014 completed 005.jpg