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I have started on my fantasy ship build. It is going be the Edge Dancer from The Edge Chronicles book series.

- Lextin Hayes

I made the hull in two pieces out of Sculpty the mast are toothpicks hinged at the bottom with some wire.

1397280_4865703259072_2053649034_o.jpg 1292947_4865704179095_1467476130_o.jpg

Some more progress on the Edge Dancer.

1292410_4867386221145_261471633_o.jpg 1398706_4867386181144_2064880333_o.jpg

I painted the Edge Dancer the day before yesterday and the paint is still sticky. The next step after the paint is fully dry will be rigging.

1401916_4883913154308_1957865190_o.jpg 893818_4883912434290_1838902530_o.jpg

 I bottled the Edge Dancer today. I still need to make a turkshead for the neck and get a cork that fits.

1398781_4895834772341_1970842802_o.jpg 886726_4895836012372_214823331_o.jpg

1401581_4895836252378_401668760_o.jpg 980929_4895836172376_1326781316_o.jpg