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(An English Translation)

Inspired the bottle
It seems that the thematic exhibition "Inspired BOTTLE IN" the sun also influenced, as the weather became more beautiful, warmer and drier, yet the visitors can let go of the many cafes in town to visit the museum .

The boats are of French Dekker: shining, minutely and beautifully said. His crop DVD with applause many names of Japanese visitors and the documentation is widely read.
In short, you should go see.

No news. 1 indicated that a number of bottles boats dhr.Hans gift made by de Haan. This is not correct. The museum received a number of bottles boats from an unknown gentleman with the same surname.

New acquisitions
By mr. Hugo Langeveld, the museum received an old mercury barometer. Given the mercury will be carefully looked at a safe place where these magnificent barometer will be suspended

Often funny messages left in the guest book, some are easy to read and some are not at least for us to read, think about including Hebrew and Japanese. Occasionally, the museum receives a postcard with a word of thanks or appreciation.
This time we received the following poem by Mrs. S. Huurman from Haarlem.


At the head of the harbor, the wind roars. Beyond, beyond, past the alley Hell and Purgatory,
is waiting for a house with a stopped sliding over the sparkling water from the three pegs.
Beyond travels behind glass doors and sloepjes boats and whales and people in rolling bottle green and white angular Bokma it bustles over. Behind red cloth glued strings The Lord protects boats, people behind glass. Is over for me in the blustering wind past the port on the station of the three pegs where I find my destination Haarlem.

Interview with Wim Pelser
Wim Pelser, born in 1948 in Amsterdam North. Wim was an afterthought, he had an older brother 12 years. After primary school he went to college and then to the Mulo, by circumstances, he never finished. Wim did vacation at the Colgate / Palmolive. After school he came to an office visit with a chemical company in North Amsterdam, in the evening he took his degree in Accounting. In 1972 he married his Carla that he met with his 18th. They went to live in Wijdenes and Wim worked at the Duyvis in Zaandam. There too he worked in the accounting department, then did the payroll and then for about 10 years working in human resources. 6 years he sat again in the works too. Meanwhile, the couple had two sons. After 38 years of loyal service, he received a "proper procedure" and he went into early retirement. NEVER FILE !!!!!!!! he sighs. "I was sitting with Duyvis like a fish in water, but every day I broke the file".
Since 1973, Wim has also worked on model trains, his collection of several locomotives is about 130 pieces. Together with a friend, he is currently in a shed to build a railroad Other hobbies include recreational cycling with Carla (Friesland this year). Classical music. Both Wim and his wife come from families with children, they also have two sons who are married, so they were extra happy when they became grandparents of a girl.

It is Sophie ... ... ... ... ... ... ....
This summer, the family "holiday jobs" in Italy, the youngest son and his Italian girlfriend have since bought an old house.
When Wim stopped working was his wife that he had a daytime look, he was reading a newspaper that volunteers were sought for the museum and ship bottles from September 2007 Wim on Friday in the museum has very vinden.Hij for meaning He enjoys the visitors, the location and colleagues. His favorite boat is the fury.

Report of the opening theme exhibition "Inspired IN THE BOTTLE. "With flessescheepjes written by Frans Dekker. Saturday, March 23 was the big day, at 13.30 the guests were expected.
Indeed, people knew to find the way to the museum, despite the removal of a portion of downtown. Moment it seemed as if snow had fallen since the local Dike looked completely white. What there was was filmed. People in old clothes were on the dike and also there was a Mercedes truck from the year 0, all for the movie: Ben Stout around Santa Claus in the cinema will be shown. Now back to the museum that was accessible via the drawbridge of the Drommedaris.

The "greenhouse" were the snacks and drinks prepared by a number of volunteers of the museum.

Frans Dekker was spoiled with flowers and a bottle (full). Attendees filled the room, it was time for the official part. The photographer of Radio Enkhuizen, Theo, took some photos. January Hettlingen did welcome word and told to be happy with this superb collection also expressed his appreciation for all volunteers. Then it was the French word Dekker. He talked about his hobby and how it had come. Enthusiastic, which belongs to him. Family, friends and colleagues of French nodded in agreement.