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Bottle - Alexander von Humboldt in a Bottle
Date Added: 30 October 2017

Alexander von Humboldt is a German sailing ship originally built in 1906 by the German shipyard AG Weser at Bremen as the lightship Reserve Sonderburg. She was operated throughout the North and Baltic Seas until being retired in 1986. Subsequently, she was converted into a three masted barque and was relaunched in 1988 as Alexander von Humboldt. In 2014, she was converted a second time into a small hotel and restaurant. Since 2016, she is located at the Schlachte, the boulevard at the riverside of Bremen, hometown of Matthias Schultz. He has chosen this ship because of her characteristic green sails. These special color is the result of the promotion of Beck’s beer by this ship for a time. To fit the hulk through the bottleneck, he divided it into two parts - the outer skin and the deck. The three masts are connected to the deck by yarn that is leading through the surface of the deck and were risen as it is common for bottle ships over the bowsprit.
Type: Barque in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Schultz, Matthias
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Stuttgart, Germany
Bottle Size: 0,75 liter   Year Made: 2013
Bottle Type: Liquor bottle