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Bottle - Punt Ship in a Bottle
Date Added: 25 September 2017

The Land of Punt is described in ancient Egyptian texts as "the land of the gods" and a region rich in resources. To get latter, the Egypt emperors sent several expeditions. These used wood ships which were only lightly decorated with the lotus flower on the stern. Built with a narrow keel, the stern and prow were rising high above the water and were evidently without any sort of cabin accommodation. A platform with a balustrade, erected at both prow and poop, served for a lookout fore and aft. These vessels had no decks, the hull was fitted up with seats for the rowers. In the middle of the ship has been only one mast with a single sail, held by two spars, the top one straight and the lower one curved. The idea to choose this ancient vessel as an inspiration for a ship in a bottle got Matthias Schultz by the statement of his wife to "create something exotic". A vessel with a simple rig, but a lot of rudders where the ropes were naturally reveling around - that was the challenge while bringing the ship into the bottle with a television crew looking over his shoulder. The result you can see under www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbk2AiR3kO0
Type: Punt Ship in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Schultz, Matthias
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Stuttgart, Germany
Bottle Size: 0,7 liter   Year Made: 2016
Bottle Type: Fruit Brandy