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Bottle 1482 - Julia in a Bottle
Date Added: 05 November 2021

Three-masted barque JULIA - This ship is not actually a ship in a bottle. It was built by Klaus Reuter from Munich. He was no longer able to finish it himself because of his old age and left it to me together with his tools at the beginning of 2020. I then completed it in the autumn, which he was very pleased about. It was also just in time, because he unfortunately passed away shortly afterwards. Because the three-masted barque has no concrete model, I simply named it after my wife Julia.
Type: Three-masted Barque in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Schultz, Matthias
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Bad Kissingen, Bavaria, Germany
Bottle Size: 0,5 litre   Year Made: 2020
Bottle Type: Rum Bottle