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Bottle - Waterschip in a Bottle
Date Added: 07 July 2018

Back in de 17th century, these ships were used to catch fresh water in the river and lakes and transport it to the big cities like Amsterdam. There it was used by the brewers who made beer with it. Potable water was hardly available in the cities. The water was transported in the ships hole, were a special constructed tank was situated. In the deckhouse was a little cabin for the crew. The rigging consisted of a jib and a spritsail. These ships were also in use as tugboat. They tug the big merchant vessel over the sandbanks for the coast of Amsterdam. The merchantmen were place in a floating drydock which was lifted.
Type: Waterschip in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Fransen, Henny
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Hoorn, Holland
Bottle Size: 1,5 ltr   Year Made: 2016
Bottle Type: Decanter