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Bottle 516 - Flame
Date Added: 05 February 2007

This is a Brig with two masts, both square rigged. From the gaff the White Ensign is flying. In the top of the main mast a signal flag is to be seen. The ship is reducing speed by reducing the number of square meters of sail and to turn the sail of the main mast off the wind. The sail will then fall back to the mast and it works as a break. Most of the sails are made of metal foil from the neck of a French wine bottle and painted white. The flags and pennants are also made of this material. There are 14 guns sticking through the portholes, ready to be fired. The artist, Henny Fransen added: "History: Once again I used the drawing of the French brig as starting point of this SIB. More details were added to this brig than on my first and second brig models. Most sails are made of metal foil. With some practice it is easy to furl the material, but be careful using this material. After a couple of years I noticed that the foil had impacted the quality of the paint of the sails and pennants and also on the glue which was used to attached the sails to the yards. The name of the ship, FLAME, was taken from the story 'Hornblower' by C.S. Forester."
Type: Brig   Maker's Name: Fransen, Henny
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Hoorn, Holland
Bottle Size: 0.75 liter   Year Made: 1996
Bottle Type: Decanter