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Bottle 102 - Rafting
Date Added: 01 October 2005

Delightful and very well made scene of a large wooden log raft moving down a choppy river. The raft is approximately 1 1/2" x 2" and is made from individually stacked logs. Aboard the raft are 2 men, one pushing the ship away from the shallows with a pole while the other man is steering the raft with a long pole rudder. The raft has a mast with one rigged sail and a life saver hanging below the sail. There are several pieces of cargo on the raft. The river bank shows a large white house with several windows, a door, and a red roof with a brick chimney with white smoke coming out. There are a couple of trees and a path along the bank. The bottle is sealed with a glass top with a German flag waving inside the glass top. The neck has rope wrapping. The model sits on a wooden blue painted base and the bottle is nestled in a large piece of manila rope.
Type: Raft   Maker's Name: Zehe, Peter
Category: Figures   Made Where: Koblenz, Germany
Bottle Size: 11 1/2" x 5"   Year Made: 1982
Bottle Type: Unidentified Decanter