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Matthias Schultz with BREMENMatthias Schultz is born an Aquarius in January, 25th 1972 in Bremen, home of the worldwide known “Town musicians of Bremen”, and next to Hamburg the biggest city in the north-western part of Germany. Bremen is located at the river Weser and also close to the North Sea.


Matthias grew up in the small village Achim and as a child loved to paint old houses and castles, and of course tall ships. At the age of ten years he received a gift of a model kit for a ship in a bottle, the CUTTY SARK.

Matthias Schultz with PREUSSEN


After receiving the university-entrance diploma, he studied art, German language, history, as well as architecture. He works as a journalist all over Germany. He got married in 2013 on board the “SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND,” the last and only remaining full-rigged ship under German flag. He took this opportunity to pick up again his old hobby that he has not practiced for more than thirty years.


Schatzschiff (41)Matthias lived in Stuttgart in the South-Western part of Germany. He now live in Bad Kissingen, in the Northern part of Bavaria.


The ships of Matthias Schultz fit into the tradition of folk art, because he emphasizes the handmade character of his work, refusing to use prepared material or 3D-printed pieces. On the other side he tries to avoid too much simplicity and folklore by adding persons or too much colorful decoration. The range of his ships reach from a PUNTSHIP of the old Egypt times up to the German submarine U 552 from WW II.



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Video's of Matthias Schultz


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbk2AiR3kO0 - building an Egyptian Punt by Matthias Schultz


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWTGd2cJb8E - "Landesschau Baden-Württemberg" presentation of the "Sauerei auf der Bounty" by Matthias Schultz.



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