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Bottle 497 - Poltava 1712
Date Added: 04 September 2007

This is a wonderful competition model of the "Poltava" a 54 gun ship of the line launched in 1712. This model is built as a whole hull model built to exacting detail to the actual ship. It is placed in a very pretty container which highlights and frames the wonderful lines and details of the ship. The ship's deck is individually planked and includes the same features you would find on the actual ship. The ship has a Bowsprit mast, with Spritsail topmast, Foremast, Main mast, Mizzen mast. The mizzenmast has a lateen mizzen sail. The masts are all made from bamboo. The masts are in sections - the mast which is secured to the mast step, the topmast, and the flagpole. The masts have crosstrees and each mast flies long banners from the mast flagpole. The 1712 - 1717 Russian Ensign flag flies from the stern of the ship. The ship has a spar deck, forecastle, main hatch, and a gun deck with details. There are 54 guns each with red gun ports in an opened position. The ship is displayed with 7 unfurled sails. All sails are made with the stitch and reef lines showing. The sails are made from fine silk. The ship has a stern gallery with wonderful detail brought out in the striking blue with white accenting the windows and ships decorations. The ship has authentic detailed standing and running rigging with block and tackle used in the rigging. The standing rigging is in black and the running rigging in gray/brown tone. There are shrouds with ratlines going to each section of each mast and each shroud has main chains. The masts and yards are correctly proportioned to the size of the hull and to each other. The ship is on a metal pedestal on the inside bottom of the bottle. The bottle itself rests in a cross cradle formed to fit the contour of the bottle. The cradle sits on a plinth with a fine finish. The plinth has wooden raised decorative scrolls on the front with "Poltava" on one and "1712" on the other. Between the scrolls is a round emblem. The neck of the bottle is wrapped with dark rope and the bottle is sealed with a finely carved and turned wooden stopper with a decorative emblem on the stopper.
Type: Ship of the Line   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Russia
Bottle Size: 8 2/3" x 4"   Year Made:
Bottle Type: