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Bottle 31 - HMS Bounty
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a very detailed and well made diorama of the HMS Bounty under full sail near an island scene. The ship is sailing on a blue sea with the waves rolling in toward the land. The hull has a white bottom with yellow above that. The top portion mid-ship to the stern is painted blue as are the deck rails. The rudder visible above the water is well made showing 2 white sections connected with black hinges. A well made black anchor is secured to the bow of the ship. There are 3 mast and 13 sails and a spritsail each with stitched seams drawn on with pencil. The tips of the yards and spars are painted white. A British flag flies from the stern sail. The rigging is exceptional with both standing and running rigging. The shrouds and ratlines lines are very well made and lifelike using black thread that extends up each section of the masts to the very top. The remaining rigging is off white colored thread and has knots to emulate wooden pulleys. The deck shows individual deck planks and in addition to a steering house, there are several hatches and a mounted lifeboat with 2 oars showing. There are 4 realistic cannons on the stern portion of the deck. The bowsprit is made the same way as the original Bounty with sections and secured to the deck with wood pieces. A carved mast head is placed on the bow of the ship. There are two separate islands shown. The land near the bottom of the bottle has a flat area with a terraced mountain rising above. There are 5 palm trees on the flat section. The second and larger island is near the neck of the bottle and also has a large flat area with a similar mountain rising on the back of the land. On the shore are 3 island dugout canoes with painted decorations. A larger outrigger with a single mast and sail is in the water just off the edge of the shore. The outrigger has a very decorative sail with a native pattern. It too has wonderful rigging. The out rigger is somewhat shaped like a banana a long curved bow and stern. The canoes and outrigger are painted in a orange like color and many decorative patterns are painted on. On there island are 3 large native huts with painted patterns and a thatched roof on each. Center to the huts is a large totem pole that is well carved and painted with multiple faces. There are 11 palm trees scattered around there island. The bottle is sealed with a cork and about 2 inches of the neck is covered in a green paint. The bottle rests on a metal stand made just for this ship. A plaque with the words "H.M.S. Bounty is screwed to the metal cross-piece. This model was made by the same craftsman who made the model of the Koggensiegeln of Stralsund in record number 32.
Type: 3 Mast Armed Transport   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 20" x 4.25"   Year Made: 1960
Bottle Type: 3 liter Asbach