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Bottle 231 - Ship
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a very nice model of a 3 mast ship sailing on a calm sea of blue with houses in the background. The ship has a white hull with black on the top. There are 7 gun ports painted in black on each side. The deck has 2 cabins and red and green signals on the stern. The masts and spars have the tips painted in white. The rigging is quite detailed and there is the red and white flag of Denmark flying from the rigging. The ship appears to have been made without fold down masts. The background consists of 4 large buildings. Two of the buildings are yellow and 2 are white. Each has a chimney and a door and windows painted on.
Type: 3 Mast Ship   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 11" x 3 1/4"   Year Made:
Bottle Type: Hankey, Bannister, London