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Bottle 815 - 1859 Crucifixion Scene and Symbols in a Bottle
Date Added: 07 July 2022

This is one of the finest and earliest dated Crucifixion scenes in a bottle ever made. The bottle is dated 1859 and is in excellent condition. The scene shows Jesus hanging on the cross in the center of the bottle He is finely carved and in a cloth loin cloth. He is wearing a crown of thorns and blood on his body. On both sides are the two thieves similarly dressed and displayed. In front of the cross is a raised altar with an open page from the bible prominently displayed. On each side of the bible is a large gold candlestick with a long white candle. Next to one of the candlesticks is a pot with gold inside. An open pot is next to the other candlestick. In front of the altar is a ladder with a rooster perched on the top rung, hammer chalice, pair of pliers, and a dice. Around the sides and back of the altar is a railed fence with carved posts with a gold orb on top of each corner post. The fence is made from three swords on each side and eight swords and a flail on the backside. An INRE plaque is on the cross above the head of Jesus. The bottle is sealed with a decorative square wooden stopper. There are two decorative flower like shapes drawn on the stopper. A wooden crosspiece goes through the stopper making it impossible to remove the stopper. The date the bottle was made "1859" is painted on the crosspiece. A beautifully carve white dove is suspended from the bottle of the stopper. Outside the bottle is a wonderfully carves bell shaped top. The bottle has a strong pontil typical of the mid-1800's.
Type: 1859 Crucifixion Scene and Symbols in a Bottle   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 8" x 4"   Year Made: 1859
Bottle Type: Handblown with pontil