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Bottle 534 - Elaine's Kitchen
Date Added: 23 March 2007

This is a delightful and realistic scene of an entire kitchen built in a bottle. The artist, Kevin Stoltzfus, was inspired by his wife, Elaine's, kitchen. The kitchen The kitchen has both base and wall cabinets with brass pulls and a white countertop. There is a built-in dishwasher, oven, 4 burner stove cook top, and a large refrigerator with a calendar hanging on the side and a basket and pictures on top. There is a double sink with faucets and a dishcloth draped over the edge. There is a small throw rug in front of the sink and a small cat near by. Behind the sink is a window with curtains and what looks to be an airplane plant with small offshoots hanging above. On the counter, you will find a coffee maker, basket of fruit, canister set, and more. Beside the refrigerator is a white porcelain butter churn with a blue pattern. There is a center island with a freshly baked pie on the countertop. The light blond clorred floor is made piece by piece and assembled I the bottle. In the center of the floor is a large diamond shape center design made the same way from darker flooring. On the darker flooring is a pedestal round table with 2 chairs.table. A cup and plate with a desert in on the table top as well as a magazine.
Type: Kitchen Scene   Maker's Name: Stoltzfus, Kevin
Category: Furniture   Made Where: Lancaster, PA
Bottle Size: 5 gallon   Year Made: 1993
Bottle Type: Water Bottle  

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