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Bottle 559 - Robacka 66
Date Added: 19 June 2007

"A bottled cow" by Reurt Roggenkamp. Reurt is a Dutch Sib-er who built for the 66 anniversary of a good friend, a former vegetarian, a remarkable bottle. About creating this bottled cow Reurt wrote the following: "The cow is of the family "Lakenvelder", a little cow, formerly much used by small farmers. Nowadays this type of cow is only in use by hobby-farmers. I took the plan for the cow from a book of making children’s toys. I thought that making the cow with revolving legs would do. Building the cow in this way affected the proportions so I had to study on another solution. I had to make the cow in several parts and assemble it in the bottle. The cow consists of the following parts: body and head, belly and ‘milkfactory’ and four legs. The body was shaped out of a piece of broomstick. Head, belly and legs were made of 4 mm plywood. The grass was bought in a model railway shop and was fitted on a piece of plywood. In the meadow I drilled 4 holes to fit the legs in…. And then it went wrong! Gluing the grass to the plywood bottom, the 4 holes filled up with glue. I made the legs a bit shorter and glued them in the place were the whole was supposed to be. It took about 90 minutes to glue the legs in to place. Originally the plan was to fit the rear legs first, then fit the belly between those legs by pulling wires, attached to the belly and running through the legs. Then fit the body to the belly by pin and holes, and at last, gluing the front legs to the body and into position in the grass. Unfortunately there was to little space between the rear legs, so the belly had to be forced into position. The pulling wires could not be used, and the legs had to be glued directly to the belly. It took an awful lot of time to let the glue dry, while holding the belly into position. That’s the reason the cow cripples a bit. When I started this project, I wasn’t aware that stock breeding could cause me so much trouble." Reurt Roggenkamp
Type: A Bottled Cow   Maker's Name: Roggenkamp, Reurt
Category: Figures   Made Where: Lochem, Nethelands
Bottle Size:   Year Made: 2007
Bottle Type: Coffeemilk Bottle