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Bottle 216 - Checker Players
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a very wonderful and well made scene of two men playing checkers in a country store or similar location. Both men are carved and painted in a folksy manner but are very detailed particularly in showing facial features such as the nose, lips, ears and eye sockets. One man is sitting on upside-down lard barrel. He is wearing a green outfit and has full black hair and has his arms resting on the checker table. The other man is sitting on an upside-down butter barrel. He is dressed in brown and is bald on top. One of his arms is resting on the table and the other arm is in a raised position. Both men are carved in wood and are made with both legs and arms attached inside the bottle. The barrels are painted brown and have black rings drawn near the top and bottom. The words are painted on in white lettering. There is a makeshift table on top of another larger pickle barrel. On top of the large barrel is a yellow tabletop built in 2 sections and painted yellow. Painted on this top is a checkerboard painted on the tabletop in traditional black and red paint. There are tiny red and black checkers on the board and laying on the yellow tabletop. There is a red spittoon on the floor near the man in the brown clothing. The floor base is made from wood sections painted gray. On the side of the floor and painted in yellow are: "W.S. 1936." This identifies the maker's with initials and the year the bottle was made. The bottle is a 1933 World's Fair bottle "A Century of Progress 1833 - 1933" with raised log cabin, tepee and skyscraper. There are also geometric designs on the sides and back. The bottle is sealed with a black metal cap.
Type: Men Playing Checkers   Maker's Name: W.S.
Category: Figures   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 6 1/4" x 6"   Year Made: 1936
Bottle Type: 1933 World