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Bottle 721 - Nao - Anno 1500
Date Added: 13 October 2010

This is an amazing model of a Nao, Anno 1500, built by the renowned artist, Jonny Reinert. The ship was built in a bottle designed to be mounted on a wall. In addition to a fantastic bottle, the wall mount is equally impressive. Dimensions / Measurements - full length: approx 55 cm, Length of the bottle: approx 44 cm, Length hooks: approximately 2 cm, Length lower part: approx 9 cm, Diameter of the bottle at the widest point: approx 35.5 cm, Diameter at the broadest point: ca. 35,5 cm.
Type: Spanish Nao   Maker's Name: Reinert, Jonny
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Germany
Bottle Size: 55 cm x 44 cm   Year Made: 1984
Bottle Type: Unidentified  

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