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Bottle 541 - Ship and Tug
Date Added: 23 December 2007

This is a very colorful and well made diorama of a ship anchored outside a city. The unidentified ship flying a German flag has a red bottom hull, thin white stripe in the middle of the hull and is black on the top of the hull. The ship has three masts and very nice standing and running rigging. The ship has two cabins on the deck. In front of the ship is a tug with two masts and a large smoke stack. The town has a church with steeple, a windmill, and lighthouse and two other buildings and trees. There is a large arched red stone bridge in the center. The bottle is sealed with a wooden stopper with a large round ball on the end. There is a Turk's Head knot around the neck. The bottle rests on a wooden cradle.
Type: Ship Near Land   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Germany
Bottle Size: 11 3/4" X 3 3/4"   Year Made: 1960's
Bottle Type: 1 liter