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Bottle 341 - Sailing Diorama
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a very interesting and well done diorama of a 3 mast ship and a 2 mast schooner sailing on a choppy sea of blue past a lighthouse and a large raised land mass. The ship has very detailed rigging with both standing and running rigging including shrouds and ratlines. The ship has several cabins and other deck features showing. There are 18 cloth sails and small flags flying from the masts. The schooner has 2 masts with sails, flags, and several deck features. It has standing and running rigging including shrouds and ratlines. The large lighthouse is nestled on a very small rocky crag. It is painted red and white with a black top with a large gold dome depicting a light on the very top. There is a door opening extension on the very bottom. A large gray pole travels up the side of the lighthouse and another one extends high above the lighthouse. Flying over the top of the lighthouse is a very well done seagull attached with very fine wire. The land is very realistic and detailed. There are rocky cliffs and rocky fields of green grass. There is a single small house built on the hillside. Attached to the top of the bottle are 2 seagulls attached with wire. The bottle is sealed with a cork and sits on a large plain stand. Another example by this artist is bottle ID 342.
Type: Ship and Schooner   Maker's Name: Frohnapfel, Klaus
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Frankfurt, Germany
Bottle Size: 13" x 7"   Year Made: 2005
Bottle Type: 500 cl  

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Bottle ID: 342