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Bottle 28 - English Galleon
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a scene of a Galleon sailing on a calm sea of blue past a mass of land. The ship is carved from natural wood. The bottom of the hull is painted red and the rest of the hull in natural wood with grain that makes it look like it is individually planked on the hull. The ship has 3 masts and 5 sails plus a spritsail. The two largest sails are decoratively painted with colorful shields. 4 small wires extend from the middle of the hull on each side to portray cannons. There are 7 pennants and the Union Jack flag on the rear mast. The rigging is simple but nice for the model and shroud lines are cut out from a small weave. There is a lighthouse with white and red strips standing in the water. At waters edge are stairs leading up the land where there is a large church with 2 steeples and three trees. The bottle has the original label in good condition at the base of the neck. The bottle is sealed with a cork with a plastic cap attached.
Type: English Galleon   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Berlin, German
Bottle Size: 11.75" x 3.25"   Year Made:
Bottle Type: "Mampe Berlin" 7 liter DIN