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Bottle 1475 - Self Portrait in a Bottle
Date Added: 19 August 2021

This is a scene of the Artist, Aidano Dallafiora, seated inside a bottle at his work table making ships in bottles. According to the Artist: "This work is my "Self Portrait" made in a 150 cl decanter. I used rummy wood. The base is carved and then brick-colored. The supporting structure of the table and the lid are made from walnut. In the images I show the various pieces I built to compose the scene, as well as the scene assembled outside the bottle. The other images document the scene inside the container with the relative perspectives. The figure (which looks me) is seated on an ancient chair. On the work table are various other objects made by me including finished and unfinished ships in bottles".
Type: Man Making a Ship in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Dallafiora, Aidano
Category: Figures   Made Where: Parma, Italy
Bottle Size: 150 cl   Year Made: 2021
Bottle Type: Decanter