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Bottle 1457 - Leonardo Tank in a Bottle
Date Added: 23 December 2020

Leonardo's Tank in a Bottle is a copy of a 1485 project by Leonardo da Vinci which is found in one of the sheets preserved in the British Museum. Leonardo's project represents a tank in the shape of a tortoise, reinforced with metal plates, surmounted by an internal sighting tower and armed with 360 degree cannons. The movement of the chariot was to be made possible through the operation of a gear system connected to the four wheels. The images document the project and the "work" in the various phases, including external and internal assembly and is complete with base.
Type: Leonardo Tank in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Dallafiora, Aidano
Category: Military   Made Where: Parma, Italy
Bottle Size: Unknown   Year Made: 2020
Bottle Type: Decanter