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Bottle 1414 - Baptistery of Pisa in a Bottle
Date Added: 19 August 2019

This is the Baptistery of San Giovanni built in a decorative decanter bottle. This structure, built from maple wood, was assembled from many small individual pieces to capture the intricacies and details of the actual structure. Once the building was built outside the bottle it was then broken down into twenty separate pieces which just fit through the small opening of the bottle. The building rests on a wooden platform supported on a turned center post inside the bottle. The bottle is sealed with a cork and rests on a bamboo wooden base. The Baptistery of San Giovanni is one of the monuments of Piazza dei Miracoli, in Pisa, Italy. It rises in front of the western facade of the Cathedral of Santa Maria. The construction of the building was begun in the mid-12th century or "In August 1153. It is the largest baptistery in Italy and also in the world. Its circumference measures 107.24 m, while the width of the wall at the base is two meters and 63 cm, for a height of 54 meters and 86 centimeters.
Type: Monument in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Dallafiora, Aidano
Category: Structure   Made Where: Parma, Italy
Bottle Size: 1 Liter   Year Made: 2019
Bottle Type: Decanter Bottle