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Bottle 1123 - Molly-Aida
Date Added: 13 February 2014

This is a model of the Molly-Aida, a Peruvian steamship that went up the Rio Pachitea in the film "Fitzcarraldo" by Werner Herzog, 1982. The plan was directly drawn on Arches paper, compass reduction extrapolated from the pictures the best of front, side and rear had to extract the three main dimensions: overall length amidships and height between two bridges. The length of the bottle determines the boat. The scale remains approximate, not knowing the exact size of steam, estimated at about 32 m, about 7 mm.pm. 9 and mm.pm. For the characters. Seven levels stack successively: the hull and main deck with metal studs and the partitioning of machines; steerage also with its poles and woodwork passenger cabins; extended upper deck bridge, the wheelhouse and superstructure; Finally, the roof of the wheelhouse, the masts, the chimney and smoke cotton wool dyed and fittings. Each of these elements is also divided into two half-shells along the vertical longitudinal axis, and partitions except deckhouse central raised integrally astride each half-bridge. And the boat passes the neck in six main parts more partitions and seven miscellaneous equipment. Designed for the equatorial heat, it has a minimum of partitions, and does it seem, no windows, but many doors and shutters skylights, maximum airflow forces. Look through it almost everywhere through. Thus, despite its massive forms, it gives an impression of lightness and finesse and does not completely mask the vegetation. The main characters are: the Jivaro (the Machiguenga), Cholo, Urequeque a sailor, Herzog, Molly, Fitzcarraldo, Captain. Height about 15 mm. They are slightly enlarged relative to the size of the boat. To the surface of the river, cast soft greenish-yellow colored Epoxy resin, multiple layers of varnish mixed with partially different translucent colors - metallic gray, yellowish and greenish - of mutually incompatible types - cellulose, water and oil - buttons effect obtained by the emulsion water transparency and swirls. Natural plants and artificial paper restore the rainforest with ombellifère, thyme, lichens, algae, artificial leaves, feather, and more. Surgical cotton wool slightly tinted black very diluted in cellulose solvent vapor simulates smoke.
Type: Peruvian Steamship   Maker's Name: Aubry, Gerard
Category: Freighter   Made Where: France
Bottle Size: 68cm x 16cm   Year Made: 2013
Bottle Type: Unidentified