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Bottle 1089 - Dont Tilt
Date Added: 20 August 2013

From the Artist: "This whimsey is an inspired copy of a earlier whimsey. A boy trapeze performer is sitting a swing wearing a yellow t-shirt ,red pants and black shoes. Seeing the previous articles I have tried this. I have made the boy from standing posture cat toy key chain. I have removed cat’s head and put the boy’s head there.(the boy’s head made by me from epoxy seal." The top of the trapeze support goes through the wooden stopper making it impossible to remove the stopper. The words "Don't Tilt" are on the top of the stopper and a gorilla sits on the very top.
Type: Boy on a Swing   Maker's Name: Ramsai, S
Category: Figures   Made Where: Tamil nadu, India
Bottle Size: 18 cm   Year Made: 2013, April
Bottle Type: Unidentified