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FB IMG 15508476651714875Greetings! My name is Rafael Exposito Mosqueda. I was born in Vic, Barcelona, Spain on September 14th, 1971. But, although I was born in Vic, I feel Huelva (Spain) as my hometown. I have lived in Huelva since I was a child. Huelva is a seafaring city and birthplace of the discovery of America. Here, the air you breathe is a sailor sea and through its streets it smells of salt and sea breeze.


49523675 10216092362639917 6855532914185076736 oMy passion for boats comes from my youth, when I used to walk around the harbour and I saw some artisans building their boats, and I could appreciate the light scent of cut wood and fresh sawdust on the ground, and so I began to be interested in the sea and its boats which fascinated me so much, and little by little, I was attracting the world of naval modeling.


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Although I was making wooden boats for many years, my fascination has always been the bottle boats. Three years ago, I started researching and testing until I was able to do them. So, little by little, I discovered the secrets that the bottles had with their boats inside, and that way, but slowly and surely, I was learning this beautiful art, while I was increasing my collection of boats, which today I share with all of you in this way. I am a member of "the European association of boats in bottles" and have a personal wbsite at: www.misbarcos.com.





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