Date Added: 20 March 2008
This is a model of a 3 masted square rigged schooner sailing on a calm sea of blue. The ship has a white hull and natural colored deck. The ship has three masts and 12 red sails. It has very detailed standing and running rigging. The deck has multiple deck structures with cabins and lifeboats. The bowsprit has a dolphin striker. The ship rests on a custom made stand with decorative rope around the base. A plaque in on the front of the stand identifies the ship. The ELBNIXE was build in Germany in 1922 as a freighter situated in the East sea. This ship is still sailing in these days as an tourist sailing vessel on the coasts of south America under the name BANDEIRANTE under the flag of Brasilia.
Type: 3 mast Square Rigged Schooner   Maker's Name: Schormann, Marcus
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Olching, Germany
Bottle Size: 5 liter   Year Made: 2003
Bottle Type: One handle Jug